How To Simplify Your Wild, Ambitious Goals + FREE April Calendar

Can you believe it’s the first of April already?! A quarter of the year *gone* just like that. I thought now would be the perfect time to check in with those big dreamy goals we all set in January. I know – it feels like a million years ago, doesn’t it? All the more reason to do a little audit of sorts… don’t worry, it’s nothing you need to block off half a day or anything for. We’re keeping things super simple, as always.

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If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been in a weird funk, aka “messy season” for a while now. Stress, anxiety… all of that not-so-inspiring stuff. Things are improving though, little by little – which is probably why you’re seeing a blog post today! Since I’ve made some tiny daily habit switches, started running again (more on that goal just now, which is great for mindset and the “meh” feels btw) and made a pretty big decision, it’s as if I’ve awakened this creative fire in me again. It feels so good to be back and blogging about one of my favourite topics.

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My First 3 Months of 2019…

Before we dive into the simplifying part, I thought I’d quickly share how the last 3 months have been going on my side. Here’s what I had planned for the first part of the year when I set my goals for the year back in January:

JAN + FEB: Healthy Habits + Home
MARCH + APRIL: Fitness + Energy

And here’s how things went…


  • Cut out soy milk.
  • Started meditating again.
  • Invested in a running watch and it’s helped motivate me to move more. (I’m forever looking at my step count!)


  • Donated two full bags of clothes.
  • Gave over 140 books to charity. And now I have a fun DIY project planned for that bookcase
  • Filled THREE full bags of paper. (Just how I don’t know…)
  • Next up: Tackling the kitchen.


  • Started running again. (I need to do a whole blog post on this topic)
  • Got real about what I was eating and made a few switches. Like swapping peanut butter for pineapple and ginger in my smoothie.
  • Started planking (almost) every day.

So nothing life-altering, but all entirely realistic/actionable mini goals or newly formed lifestyle habits. Btw, can I just say how good it feels to look at this list and feel like I’ve accomplished something? EVEN though, I didn’t finish the de-cluttering by the end of February, it’s not a failure. It’s just a work in progress… less pressure and all that. REAL life.

Now let’s talk about YOUR goals.

3 Quick Tips To Simplify Your Ambitious Goals

Obviously I’m not an expert when it comes to goal setting – but, these last couple of months have taught me a thing or two. Things I’m putting into practice, too – so if you’re struggling to stay motivated with those grand goals you dreamily set in January, maybe these tips will help you get out of your goal-achieving limbo and fueled with motivation to switch things up a little!


This one is quite the game changer. Even if you have a few “work in progress” lifestyle goals like I do, there’s usually one that tugs at your heart strings a little more than the rest. For me, that one is “home”. I can’t focus on my health or any other goal if I’m feeling overwhelmed with things around the house. Pick one core goal and break it down into smaller realistic and actionable mini goals. Once you start seeing the progress you’re making, it’s going to be a lot easier to make it part of your lifestyle, or get you feeling motivated and energised to keep at it.


Here’s a little mindset trick I’ve noticed… When you know that you’re going to see your progress (or lack thereof) in black and white somewhere, you’re a LOT more likely to DO things! Take my workouts, for example…

I created this simple chart to track my daily workouts and boy has it made me not want to miss a workout. Granted, I still have some mindset / motivation work to do, but I’ll get there! The point is to try and get into a routine so that it sticks. You could try post its, use a notebook, put something on your fridge or even use a Google spreadsheet.


I know… you might feel that by doing this, you’re giving yourself permission to procrastinate. NOT the case, I promise! What you’re doing, is taking that crazy pressure away. I don’t know about you, but I totally over-estimate the amount of time it’s realistically (key word here) going to take me to reach my goal. You know why?

Because, life.

Life happens… we can’t predict what’s going to come our way to shake things up. So why make things harder?

Give yourself a break (Yup, I’m talking to you A-type personalities and perfectionists) – AND some breathing room with your goals. You’re the only one putting those unrealistic expectations on yourself. Give yourself some buffer room for when life happens. Because, it will.

Ready To Plan Your Next Month?

Since we’re talking about goals and planning, I’m sharing a calendar I created recently. I know we’re just heading into autumn over here, but I wasn’t feeling the orange and brown vibes; I wanted something I’d feel inspired to see every day, so pink and gold it was! I’ll be using this to map out all kinds of things this month… (my April is all over the place). Hopefully it inspires you to make the most of the new month and get excited about your goals again!

P.S. Don’t forget, you can plan and book those much-needed “blank space” days or weekends on there, too. Hello, cozy Saturday afternoons!

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Happy planning!

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