What To Do When You’re Not Fueled By Your Passion Project Anymore

Aaah, there’s something completely freeing about having a passion project, isn’t there? Something that’s just for you – something that you have complete control over, and no one micro managing when, where, what and how you do things.

Bliss, right?

But maybe, you wake up one morning and things have changed: your once uplifting and fun passion project suddenly feels like this gigantic shlep. It feels like work, time-consuming, brain-draining work. You’re not motivated by it anymore and it just really doesn’t inspire you to want to do it. What the f?!

How can something you absolutely loved and used to look forward to all the time, suddenly give you the meh feels? I felt like a bit of a failure when I recently went through that with this blog to be honest. I just thought, “What’s the point?” because it all felt so hard – coming up with content, writing… all of it. I lost my fire so bad and I felt like I had nothing authentic to give anymore. It was a weird feeling. Nothing ever felt just right and I’d make up all kinds of excuses just to *not* to blog.

Have you ever felt like that about something you used to enjoy doing?

That’s when you know it’s time to take a step back and get real about the cause behind it all. YUP. Feelings. Sometimes they’re a lot easier to brush aside, I know, but when it comes to matters of the heart, like our creativity and projects that bring us joy, it’s soooo important to go deep, push pause, or take some time away from it so you get a better perspective.

And listen, I know if you’re reading this and you’re thinking something like, “Well, that person never goes through this and their Instagram is always on time and they blog every week and they have it all together”… just remember, people show you what they WANT to show you. The highlight reel. Everyone has their s@it, trust me, they just don’t always put it out there.

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So what happens when you “lose” that fire?

Here’s what I’ve learned recently: that fire you feel is lost, is never really lost. It’s just taking a bit of a back-seat so you can focus on other things.

Like, maybe you’ve been sacrificing your health for the sake of juggling a job and a side passion project. (I see this happening a LOT online these days!) Or, maybe you’ve been cutting down on a lot of other things that used to bring you joy so that you can do a “little more” for this passion project/side biz you’re trying to build. I know we like to think we can do it ALL right NOW, but the truth is, we can’t. Something ALWAYS gives, whether that’s your health, a relationship, your energy, time, money, or something else.

For me, I think this sucky phase or loss of creative fire happened so that I could properly focus on my mental well-being and get real about a few things – instead of brushing them aside like it’s no big deal.

I had to dig deep, ask for help, take some time away from blogging, and look at the bigger picture. Only then, I noticed certain things. Like how I’d started to lose my blogging voice and do things other bloggers were doing without even realising it. No wonder my motivation died and I lost my fire for a bit! It’s so easy to get swept up in that whole comparison game (without even realising it, I might add), and then eventually it doesn’t even feel like you anymore. Not good, nope.

Any of this making you nod your head? Yes? Maybe a little? Well, I want to share a few things that have really helped me over the last few months… just to relight that creative fire again. (And it has, yay!)

1. Take a break

Honestly, it’s the best thing you can do. Just go cold turkey and take a step back. The world won’t end; it will all still be there, trust me. Sometimes we get so fixated on what we’re doing all the time, that we forget about the bigger picture. We forget why we’re doing it. We get lost in the mechanics of it all, instead of enjoying it for what it is. I took a couple of weeks and it helped SO much to reset my priorities and remember why I started blogging in the first place.

Just push pause and give yourself some “breathing / thinking room” for a little bit. Promise, it does wonders.

2. Try something else

No, really. Try something else besides the passion project you’re pouring your heart into. Something completely different. For me, I just needed something that wasn’t creative and didn’t require a lot of thinking. That something is running and how crazy is this? I used to run so much a few years ago and then I lost my passion for that – as in completely. Now after this loooong break, I’ve picked it up again properly (I’ve set myself a race for May, so let’s see how it goes).

Timing. For some reason, these weekly runs have helped inspire me to blog again. Weird how things you never expected to, can reignite other areas of your life. So maybe try a kickboxing class, or yoga or baking or something else that you never thought you’d enjoy. Things have a really weird way of surprising you like that.

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3. Imagine what you’d be proud of

This was a big aha moment for me. Because I took the time to step back and break away for a bit, I could look at my blog as a whole. And when I did that, I saw some of the things I’d picked up from other bloggers unknownly and injected into my blog. That’s not something I’m proud of – I want to be proud of writing from the heart and being totally authentic, doing things my way, because I want to. Not because it’s considered the “norm” or it’s trendy. And certainly not because everyone else is doing it. Not that everything can be totally original in this digital age, but I’d like to try a bit more.

4. Get real about your “why”

On that note, I got real with my “why” as well. And how weird is it that it’s changed quite a bit over the last few months. (And, yes – this happens!) When I started this blog it was with the purpose of focusing on self care and self love. And while I still think these are really important topics, and I’ll still write about them, it’s not everything I want to put out there. My why isn’t to be the next self help “guru” or a blogger who just writes about the fluffy stuff that looks great on Pinterest.

I want to go deep, I want to write about things that matter to me – like I used to, before I got so caught up in what everyone else was doing. My “why” is to write from the heart about real life things again. More lifestyle, less overthinking themes and layouts. I guess it really just depends on your “why” and what you want from your passion project.

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5. Embrace Where You Are Right NOW

Last, but not least – this is a biggie, especially when you feel like you should be over there, doing that… or you just feel stuck. I’ve learned that these weird seasons happen for a reason, always at a time when you need them the most, even if you can’t see it straight away. So as hard as it is, just try and embrace it, know that it’s not forever and fill your heart and mind with things that make you feel good. Painting, podcasts, walks in nature, feel-good movies… whatever speaks to you right now in the season you’re in.

Fill your heart and mind with things that make you feel good.

If you’re going through a bit of a weird space or messy season where things just aren’t feeling like they used to or you’ve “lost” a bit of motivation, these are the things I’d recommend giving a try… Just see what happens. Take some time, try something else, dig deep and get real about what makes you feel happy.

What do YOU do when you don’t feel inspired anymore?

I’d love to hear what your go-to is when you’re feeling uninspired to be creative or pour your heart into your passion project. Is it similar to what I do, or do you have something else that gets you out of a weird space?

  1. Enjoyed the post, surely a topic that we, all of us in the ‘sphere, have encountered. Especially, for some us, because ‘the power of that fiery passion’* is so remarkable and desirable that the hint of a fading immediately gives rise to a state of smoldering panic. (The ‘some of us’ I refer to are characterized, in part, by a shared response to the initial phase of a new passion, i.e. “At last!”)

    In any event, I can think of two strategies I’ve employed: like the childhood game of ‘getting warmer, getting colder’ (blindfolded seeking, very appropriate), I look for where the heat (of a cooled passion) is greater. Sometimes it’s only ‘warmer’ but it helps me to let go of the original form that manifested the passion. Sometimes, it seems, the form by which a passion manifests, changes and while we are so caught up in it’s original form, we sometimes don’t recognize it. (You know, like on a third date with someone we think really might be ‘the one’ and they show up with their hair a completely different color and style and speaking with an accent.)
    The second ‘solution’ is mostly applicable to hypo-creativity. If I’m trying to write, I give myself permission to write junk. Bad writing, they’ll hate it…so what. I used this in the early years of the Doctrine. I figured, ‘The sooner I write the next post, this boring one will be totally buried.’

    Thanks for the moment to reflect and write on a subject near, dear and occasionally painful to many of us. In a sense, a combination of your Item(s) 1 and 2, this writing ‘something different’ totally helps recharge the battery.

    *no, seriously! I mixed those two on purpose! a veritable Rose Bowl of adjectives… or is that adverbs…. anyway I claim the right of creative license. lol

    1. Hey Clark! Aaah I missed your thought-provoking comments! 🙂 I love that trick you used about giving yourself permission to write “junk” or badly… it’s BRILLIANT. I think so many of us try to write the “perfect” blog post and get caught up in the aesthetics and layout (which is important), but it has and always will be the writing, the actual content/story/message that’s the heart of it all. Thank you for that reminder – I’m going to give it a try the next time I write and see what happens.

  2. I wish more bloggers could read this. It feels like so many have thrown in the towel, stopped blogging, even deleted their blogs. I think a break (with most things in life) is actually healthy and good for you. A pause if you like. Welcome back. (Makes mental note to blog too!)

    1. Thanks Bron! 😉 I was actually one of those people who quit my last blog, but that’s because it was so different to what I’d imagined and it went in a totally different direction to what I wanted. I lost the love, so I took a break and started this blog. And I’m SO glad I did. Because it feels more “me” and it’s not in a “box”. I feel like there’s a lot of unnecessary pressure on bloggers these days… and a lot of it they (we) put on ourselves. Breaks are the BEST!!

  3. My “go-to” strategy when I’m feeling uninspired is to quit blogging for like four years, sink further into depression and debt and become hopelessly addicted to youtube.

    But that’s me.

    1. Hey Chris! You know, at least it’s not permanently – 4 years is long, but it’s not forever. 🙂 I always say you need to do what *you* need to do and whatever works for you in the season you’re in.

  4. So good to read. I know I need to take a step back. Thank you for the reminder. I’m also glad to get over here finally. I’ve had this page open on my computer for a couple days and came over to read and then life happened. Ack! See…I need to step back. hehe. I love your wisdom and your authentic self. Honest, raw, refreshing and intuitive. Your writing is just so wonderful to read for its way with words, elegance, and plain truth. I hope you’ve gotten much-needed rest. I always love when you post – whether it’s every week, every month or every half year. Hehe. Your true fans will always be waiting for you. xoxo

    1. Aaah my friend, your comments always light me up <3 Thanks for such a beautiful message - this made me smile so hard, so thank YOU! I'm just glad I wrote this post and actually posted it. 🙂 "Life happens" - yup, I hear you and know the feeling all too well these days, yikes. I still owe you a decent message back, I'll get there soon, I promise! P.S. Your messages are everywhere on my socials and brighten up my feed - I love them! 🙂 xxx

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