5 Ways I’m Creating More Adventure and Self Care As An Introvert

YAY for self care weekends, for chilling at home in PJs with some wine and pizza and the latest binge-worthy shows on Netflix. Yes? What a way to recharge those introvert batteries! There’s nothing like some down time and quiet after a hectic week.

But, you know, part of me has this adventurous side, too… Don’t ask me how, I think it’s the Sagittarius in me yearning to get out and explore new places. (Couple this with being an introvert and some anxiety and this gets very interesting sometimes!) At the end of last year, I had a lot of regret about some of the things I didn’t do. I was going through a lot and needed space and time for serious soul-searching and healing. Now that I’ve worked through some things, I’m ready to get back to embracing life a bit (LOT) more!

So, I’m using this #amplifiy2019 motto to switch things up a little, and I’ve started with a few simple tweaks and habits (because nothing drastic ever changes overnight!). I’m sharing them here… just some things as an introvert I’m trying out – you know, getting out of the comfort zone and all, setting a few (hard-to-do-but-we-do-them-anyway-for-mental-wellbeing) personal boundaries.

Who knows? Maybe some of them will help inspire you to create your own shifts along your personal growth/wellness journey!

1. Planning Those Adventures, Already!

Listen, I know I talk about wanting to travel here and there or go away for a weekend, but very seldom do I actually sit down and make it happen. And then I sit with all this regret. Because, it’s SO easy to make all those excuses, like… There’s not enough time or money or a million other things. But, you know – the truth is, that’s all rubbish.

If we really want to do something, we’ll find a way to do it.

This year WILL be different.

And that starts with taking immediate action… 

Not just doodling about big travel dreams in my notebook over coffee. So the action happened… The result? We booked a weekend away in February. Yup, so early in the year and a month we’ve never travelled in. I tell you, it feels amazing to just DO something totally different. And then while I was on this travel roll, I put leave in for 2 weeks in April. Boom. Just like that.

I think we forget how hard we work in our jobs or businesses. We’re not only due that time off, but our mental well-being depends on it. So just book that leave day or two or three…

2. Being Kind… To Myself

I know, this sounds very wishy washy, but hear me out. As someone who’s grown up a people pleaser and perfectionist, it’s been a way of life to be critical of myself. To find fault in everything I do and think I could be doing it better. To judge my appearance and personality on a daily basis as if I were on trial for doing something horrendous. They say that talking badly to water affects the elements negatively, well, just imagine – our bodies are made up of 70% water! Now, that’s not great for all-round health, not to mention feelings of self worth and confidence.

So I’ve started making a bigger effort of giving myself more of a break. I’m listening to some amazing podcasts that are really helping with this and I highly recommend, The Adult Chair if you’re anything like me on the perfectionist/people pleaser front.

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3. Putting That BIG Dream Back On The Map

I spent 2017 and most of 2018 dreaming and mapping out goals over plenty of weekends. And it was great, it fueled my soul thinking about all those “one day” adventures. But, then I got a full-time job again and most of those crazy dreams went right out the window. Over December I had some time to think and I realised I really missed that part of me, having that BIG crazy, almost impossible dream.

Dreaming is GOOD. Imagining and working towards something is even better!

New York has my heart. It’s had it since I was 12 years old with this big cheesy yellow cab poster on my bedroom wall. And it had it again in 2015 when we visited for an amazing (albeit rain-filled) 3 day trip. That place pulls at me like I can’t even explain. I need to go back. I need to run in Central Park and I need to do that with my special someone.

How’s this going to happen? Definintely not by winning the lotto, that’s for sure! I’ve started a savings account and I’m thinking of ways to generate a second income. And who knows, maybe it might only happen in two years, maybe more. The point is starting somewhere and doing something about it. Because dreaming alone doesn’t make things happen. Action does.

4. Setting Personal Boundaries

This has been a tough one… As a (recovering) people pleaser and someone who hates conflict, I struggle a bit to set those personal boundaries – both in everyday life and at work. But I know that if I don’t do that, I’ll feel resentful and negative. So I’ve started with small boundaries, like letting friends know where my energy levels are at, instead of leaving them wondering what’s up and then I end up feeling guilty for disappointing them.

I’m learning that being honest about things like my introvert energy levels and anxiety makes a HUGE difference.

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5. Letting Go Of What Doesn’t Spark Joy

Thank you Marie Kondo! I swear, since watching Tidying Up on Netflix, my outlook on life and myself has changed so much. Not just on getting rid of physical clutter – which I’ve also pushed on the back-burner for way too long – but, on other things, too. Like one-sided friendships and emotional baggage from the past. Like comparisons and assumptions and over-thinking.

So much stuff that doesn’t spark ‘joy’ – I’m letting them go. Finally. Some are a bit more of a process or journey, and that’s fine. One step at a time. Life is WAY too short for that kind of physical, mental and emotional “clutter”.

And that’s it – 5 small things I started doing last month to amplify 2019 a little (LOT) more, inject some more adventure into this year, and to stop being so hard on myself all the time. With this start, I think it’s going to be a VERY good year and I can’t wait to look back on it. Regrets? Pfffft. What regrets?

Over To You!

What do you want to do MORE of this year? What are YOU doing this year to cultivate MORE adventure or self love in your life right now? 

  1. Sweet friend! I love this post! 🙂
    Happy Saturday. I hope you fulfill everything you set out to do here. I *so* need a mental break in the near future. I do know that I’m going to go on a road trip for two weeks at the end of March. Not 100% sure how I’m going to make that happen, but make it happen I will. Hehe. I’m so glad you’ve booked a February weekend. And I’m even prouder that you’ve booked leave in April. 🙂
    Sending you big hugs and wishes for a wonderful rest-of-your weekend! xo

    1. Go YOU! Road trips are the best and I’m so proud of you for planning one for next month, because I know it’s hard for you to *switch off*. YAY! 🙂 Have an amazing weekend and can’t wait to catch up soon! xxx

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