Changes & Making The Switch To a Lifestyle Blog

Writing inspires me. It sets my soul on fire and gives me the creative freedom to express myself and have a voice on things that matter to me. It’s where I get to be raw and real… and – not awkward. When I blog, I can talk about things my overthinking brain won’t switch off about. I can dream and inspire and stay accountable on my blog.

But most of all, I can connect and reach out…

Blogging helps my INFJ “want to save the world” personality both feel like I’m doing something creative, and maybe… just maybe, make a teeny tiny difference at the same time. Purpose.

Back To My Blogging Roots

I’ve been blogging for years, but for some reason, over the last few, I’ve kept things very niche: health, career and until recently, creative entrepreneurship. Don’t get me wrong, I think niche blogs are great and everything… they’re just not for people like me who tend to change their minds quite a bit or who are more on the multi-passionate side.

It feels a little too “boxed” in.

This past month, I made a tough choice to let go of a blog I poured my heart and soul into. When I started this blog, everything felt so right and it was fun. And then… things changed really quickly.

Suddenly it wasn’t just a blog. It was a full-time job, a job I wasn’t getting paid for and working crazy hours for. I’d set unrealistic expectations of myself and push more important priorities aside.

My blog became my identity and I became my blog.

It’s a weird feeling when your once passion project turns into something you can’t get excited about anymore. I thought about transforming it – but I’d already done that. And to me, that felt like I’d be forcing something and faking it.

And those are two things I just can’t do.

Sometimes the best thing to do, is to treasure the memories, admit that things aren’t working out like you imagined, and change direction. Not failure, never failure… just lessons.

I wouldn’t undo the last year for anything in the world though, because it made me grow WAY out of my comfort zone, and do things I’d NEVER have otherwise done, like starting a podcast! (Hopefully one day, I’ll get back to doing that again, because I was in my absolute element podcasting).

Speaking of changes…

Life Update

I started a new full-time office job last month and I tell you, it’s so good to be back to working towards something bigger (besides the little bubble I’ve been living in for the past year!). I really think I became a lot more selfish (if that’s even possible), and weirdly, I’m actually enjoying being around people again. Imagine that! 

There’s something magical about coming home from work and getting into comfy clothes. Seriously. It’s GOLD. 

I’ve also started running again, and I’m hooked like I was when I first started running four years ago. Funny how endorphins do that.

Some Things I Want To Share Here…

  • Mindset and wellness, because I tend to divert to these topics all the time. I LOVE writing about them.
  • Self care. Empty teacups are never fun and these are more notes to self than anything else sometimes to be honest!
  • My plant-based journey. I love animals and I love our planet, which is why I’m slowly making the transition towards going plant-based. I’ve been vegetarian for five years and I don’t miss meat at all. It continuously amazes me how many delicious plant-based alternatives are out there, not to mention cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare products.
  • Introvert things. General everyday musings about being an introvert in an extroverted world.
  • Soul food. All things good for the soul. Joy, basically more joy.


Lastly, please just excuse the nakedness of this blog…

I know it’s kind of bare… it’s still VERY much a work in progress. Yes, I could have written the recommended 10+ posts before launching and had all my widgets all pretty and perfect, but I don’t want to do that. Because I always do that and it’s called procrastination. Life isn’t about perfection and it’s not about doing things a certain way because everyone else does. (Boring).

It’s about being in the NOW. Plus, I’m not about to put that unnecessary pressure on myself, thanks.
Live and learn. Live and learn.

So here goes… a fresh blog from scratch with tweaks along the way.

Authenticity. Real life.

Hello, Rustic Dreamer. Finally.

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  1. Hello, Rustic Dreamer. Way to go. Life is a process and you’re “processing” very beautifully. Here’s to friendship and here’s to the journey! Love you and love your writing. Happy weekend!

    1. Melanie Chisnall says:

      Aaaah thanks my friend, I’ll cheers to that! What a ride it’s been these past few years, hey? 🙂 Love you and your writing too – you inspire me so much by just being YOU. Here’s to friendship and the journey! xx

  2. This is awesome, well done for writing down something to put out there in the wild again. I know how incredibly daunting it can feel when you go against your own original path. It’s those motions of change, the important stuff 🙂

    1. Melanie Chisnall says:

      You said it perfectly… The motions of change… the important stuff – the raw and real stuff, yep!! You’re so right. Thanks hun for your support and words of encouragement, really means a lot! 🙂 xxx

  3. This post… it’s like you’re inside my mind because I can relate to this on so many levels! Coming from a fellow INFJ, it’s not in our nature to explore just one thing forever or start to feel boxed in as you said – that feeling is the worst – and there is nothing like a fresh start.

    And YES to progress over perfection.

    Looking forward to seeing your journey unfold here, Melanie <3

    1. Melanie Chisnall says:

      Haha, you know – that’s how I feel when I read some of your Tweets! LOL. Must definitely be an INFJ thing 😉 Thank you SO, so much for the words of encouragement – it means a lot. 🙂 xxx

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