Hello, hello!

I’m Melanie, welcome to my new blog.

(It’s a bit of a work in progress, so please bare with me while I get things filled up here!)
Trying this new #progressoverperfection thing…

I work for an employee engagement company by day and in my free time, I’m over here – blogging about silver linings, mindset, self care and soul food. 

I have a raw and real approach to writing: I tend to shine a light on the stuff that matters. I’m all about authenticity and removing stigmas on certain topics, like mental health.

My goal here is to write from the heart and hopefully inspire you to enjoy more of the “rustic” (simple) things in life WHILE chasing what sets your soul on fire. Dreams and all that other good stuff.

Some interesting / fun facts about me:

  • I’m from Namibia origionally
  • I’m an INFJ and an empath
  • I put my “foot” in my mouth a LOT
  • If I could hop on a plane tomorrow, I’d go to New York
  • I’m obsessed with olives, which is weird because I grew up hating them
  • I can’t do small talk
  • I CAN talk about the meaning of life for hours though
  • I overshare and overthink too much
  • I’m a (recovering…) perfectionist
  • I switched careers six years ago to take up writing
  • I’m addicted to colourful notebooks and mugs – there are never enough!
  • Brene Brown is my hero